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Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi's "Kanpai (Cheers)" played by Masaaki Kimura



On February 28th, 2016, at Bhutan Museum, a participation type music live show cheering for welfare society, "Musication, Oasis" was held by a music cheering group "Jonetsu Gundan"(Passionate Group) in Fukui Prefecture for the first time. We will introduce a performance of Masaaki Kimura, a miraculous guitarist who self-educated himself how to play the guitar after losing his hearing.


According to the MC of this event, Mr. WIZARD, "The reason why Kimura started playing the guitar was because he saw a Japanese singer Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi performing. It was after he lost his hearing, so he has never heard the sound source of Nagabuchi's music. He was touched by Nagabuchi's performance so he wanted to play Nagabuchi's songs on the guitar and started playing on his own since then. "


While people clapping their hands after he finished playing the guitar, in the video, you can see a woman raising her hand and twisting her palm. The audience expressed praises to Kimura through a sign language, because he can't hear the clapping.


He responded to them, he said "Thank you" using a sign language with smile.


Profile of Masaaki Kimura

  • Nickname: Kimuyan. Originally from Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. He lost his hearing when he was in early childhood and he lost interests in music. He became a fan of a musician, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi and his interest in music came back.
  • He appeared in TV shows, "24-hour television" and "Unbelievable".
  • In 2009, "Bright Eyes" was made into a movie.
  • In 2010, "Bight Eyes. Say thank you. " was published from a publishing company, Kodansha. In 2011, They have changed their members and the band name to "BRIGHT EYES super-duper". They perform live about 10 times a year even now.
  • Since 2004, as he has become interested in playing the acoustic guitar, he has established a folk music band, "Kimura Brothers" and an instrumental duo band, "HAKKI" and they perform even today.
  • As "Kimuyan", to learn a difficult skill, "Guitar solo" in which he plays melody, base, and accompanies at the same time, Kimura studied at Niibori Guitar Music Academy. He took a part in a band contest, "Live Energy 2011, in Nagoya" (held by Niibori Guitar Music Academy) and received the best guitarist award.
  • Currently, he is an executive committee of an event cheering for welfare society, "Let's build the rainbow bridge in our hearts by music", and he also plays there regularly.

(Excerpted from the flyer for "Musication, Oasis, February 28th")

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