Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui


Selling local products of Fukui to Italy [PR for Fukui]


Overseas Business

Broadcasted on May 17th 2015.

The reporter, Ms. Matsuda Naoko introduces Fukui Prefecture and its preparations to participate in "Expo Milano 2015", held from May 1st to October 31st, 2015.


About 150 countries and international organizations participate and about 20 million visitors are expected during the expo. Fukui Prefecture will have its own booth in the Japanese pavilion's event space in October and it will promote the charms of the food and the food culture of Fukui to the world. The theme for the Fukui booth is "Fukui, the prefecture of Zen and Buddhist vegetarian cuisine".


By participating in the expo, they aim for increasing visitors to Fukui from abroad and selling traditional crafts or local products with great skills to Italy and other countries.


For increasing visitors to Fukui from abroad and selling local products to overseas, Fukui had a seminar for the companies in Fukui which want to develop the market in Italy. As an advisor, they had Mr. Kiriyama Toshiki, the publicist and the event producer for the Japanese pavilion at Expo Milano.


Also Fukui introduces the taste of Fukui traditional foods to the residents of Fukui. They introduce it for them to know more about their own food culture which they will promote at the Expo Milano 2015. Every month, they pick one local dish which people eat on special occasions of each season. And they hand out the recipe of it at restaurants and supermarkets in Fukui Prefecture to the residents.
The picture above is the recipe for June. It is boiled pickled radishes.