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"Let's visit the 100 hometown views of Fukui" [PR for Fukui]

Carpet of azalea in Nishiyama Park (Sabae City).


Featured in the "Let's go around the town by bicycles or public transportations!" series, Part 2, introducing history and cultural facilities in Fukui Prefecture by riding bicycles or using public transportations. Fukui Prefecture sought cycling trails to cycle in "the 100 hometown views of Fukui" to pursue a less car-dependent society. Reporter, Matsuda Naoko goes cycling with a sport utility bicycle and introduces an award winning cycling trail in which you can cycle in Tan-nan area in Fukui and see its histories and traditions.


Tan-nan Fureai Sports Recreation Road


First, you start from "Nishiyama Park" in Sabae City. The park is well known for 50,000 azalea blossoms and it is the premier on the Japan Sea side. From here, you cycle toward "Tan-nan Fureai Sports Recreation Road". You can feel the nature and ride your bikes safely on this route.


Tradition of 1500 years, Echizen Washi (traditional Japanese paper) Village in Echizen City.


After riding through "Ajimano-en" in Echizen City and riding a few more kilometers, "Echizen Washi (traditional Japanese paper) Village" in Imadate area has begun to appear.


Otaki Shrine, Shaden (main building of a Shinto shrine) of gegu (outer shrine).


About 1,500 years ago, the goddess, Kawakami Gozen who supposedly instructed the villagers the skills of making paper was enshrined at "Otaki Shrine". The shrine has been designated as a nationally important cultural property.


"Let's visit the 100 hometown views of Fukui" [PR for Fukui] (2012/05/13)
Produced and authored by Fukui Prefecture
Japanese and English subtitles and description by GEN
It is reprinted with permission from Fukui Prefecture.

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