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Hokuriku/Fukui, Party for comparing the tastes of various Mizu-yokans(soft sweet bean jelly) in winter. January 17th, 2016 Part 2 "Appreciation"


Food Culture

After the opening talk, the participants gather around the Mizu-yokans at the long table with a small plate. If you are not careful, you will lose what kinds you ate so you need to do something not to lose.


Mike says that it is rare to sell with package like Mizu-yokan for both Japanese and Western confectioneries. Mike believes that you should enjoy not only packages but also the designs on the films and attached wooden spoons properly. This party is not to rank for the tastes.



The handout says "How do you count Mizu-yokan?" as the theme for the day. So Mike asked the participants about counting and the most common reply was "sheet". It seems that it is because of a technique called "One sheet pouring", which Egawa started fifty years ago.


By the way, on the plate, there is salty kelp with Mizu-yokan as refreshment during eating sweet Mizu-yokans.


Kimono goes well with Japanese confectionery. The two ladies came wearing kimono as I told them that I would take a video the party.


Originally, Mizu-yokan was confectionery for winter throughout Japan because there were no refrigerators to keep them fresh in the past. That is to say, we keep up the tradition in Fukui.


After the comparing the tastes, the talking about Mizu-yokan goes on and on. One of the features of Fukui's Mizu-yokan is using brown sugar, but in Obama City, they don't use it.


The party was held at this tearoom "Niho" beside the Fukui Prefectural Art Museum. Although their normal business hour is 9:00 to 19:00, the second part of the party starts at 19:00 on the day.

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