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Let's enjoy and learn at the sea and lakes of Wakasa [PR for Fukui]


Experience Centers

Ms. Mtsuda Naoko and Mr. Nakano Daichi

Ocean and lake written using Chinese characters, Kanji, it is pronounced as "Umi". At Seaside Nature Center which will celebrate 2nd anniversary soon since it's renovation and opening. There are experimental learning activities, craft construction courses and/or outdoor events in which participants can interact with creatures from Wakasa Bay and lakes, and enjoy learning. The reporter, Ms. Mtsuda Naoko interviews the chief examiner of the center, Mr. Nakano Daichi. The fish tank behind them has a hole (window) on it.


Feeding activity

From the window, people can participate the feeding activity in which one can feed fish in the tank. It is strange to see a warning sign says that "when you put your hands in the tank, there is a possibility for the fish biting your hands." I wonder why the water in the tank does not leak.


Touch Pool

This is a swimming pool for fish, "Touch Pool" which people can directly touch the fish.


Observing the creatures on the seashore

There is also an outdoor activity which participants can observe the creatures on the seashore. They also have an observing activity in which ones wear wet suits, literally go into the ocean and observe the creatures. And even the weather is bad, there is an enjoyable indoor events such as making crafts with seaweeds and seashells, and so on.


Seaside Nature Center

Seaside Nature Center in Sekumi, Wakasa-cho. This video was broadcasted in April, 2015, so for the latest information for activities and others, please visit their homepage.


Let's enjoy and learn at the sea and lakes of Wakasa. [ PR for Fukui ] (Broadcasted on April 14th, 2015)

Produced and authored by Fukui Prefecture

Japanese and English subtitles and description by GEN

*It is reprinted with permission from Fukui Prefecture.


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