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Fukui Cheerful Senior Club Part 3 ( activities / classes )

Mr. Yoshioka, the vice president of the club

To improve communication between the club members, the number of classes, which was only five when they started, was gradually increased.. Now, there are many classes such as handicraft, calligraphy, watching nostalgic movies, enjoying history, "Igo" (Japanese board game) and "Shogi" (Japanese chess) nostalgic photographs, personal computer, reading books, Senryu (a seventeen-syllable poem which is often satirical of the times), listening to music, Karaoke, chatting during lunch, healthy mah-jong, table tennis, jack of all debating, dance classes and so on.


Mr. Yoshioka, the vice president of the club, an instructor for their personal computer class, explained their activities using the Power Point which is always used for their monthly meetings to introduce their classes.
In the above picture, Mr. Yoshioka is explaining about the nostalgic photographs class. On the screen, there are pictures of a black market and others in the old central Fukui area right after the war. As I imagined how these important and historical records are gathered in this class, I wanted to join them.


Table tennis class
Dance class

Table tennis and dance classes, which are active ones, are popular as well.


Debating class

In addition, like the handicraft and the calligraphy classes, the jack of all debating class is interesting. Picking current topics and attendees debate about them. Even though debating is often said that it is difficult for Japanese people to do. I was surprised that such a class is a popular one.


From what I interviewed Mr. Yoshioka, at reading books and Senryu classes give members to express their opinions. In the chatting during lunch, even people who meet for the first time, they chat with each other based on a topic. Their classes and activities are actually important places for seniors to communicate with each other.


Address for Fukui Cheerful Senior Club in Eco Life Plaza


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