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Auction at the town market (Katsuyama New Year's Market Part2)


Traditional Events

A master of straw work

At some festival booths in Katsuyama New Year's market, they held auction markets. Around ten o'clock, at a corner in the middle of Honmachi street (main street), an auction of a handmade lucky charm which was made by "a master from the village" was begun.


Auction began from 100yen

This handmade straw work which is a lucky charm used to be sold for 10,000yen a few years ago. It is the "New Year's Market" today, so he started selling it for 100yen.


Successful bid of a lucky charm

The decent straw ship with 5,000yen price tag on was sold for 3,200yen.


Auction of straw boots

After that, a pair of straw boots were auctioned, the visitors were livened up.


 Sacred straw ropes with cute owls

This was not auctioned though, sacred straw ropes with cute owls on them were lined up.


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