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Fukui Cheerful Senior Club

beautiful turns

Last September, I visited a group of seniors, "Fukui Cheerful Senior Club" in the center of Fukui City. On the day I visited, they were having a dance lesson which is one of their activities. Most of the members who were taking the lesson were in their 70s to 90s (!). I got to see their beautiful turns closely and it made me think that I would like to age cheerfully like them.


basic practice

They do not skip the basic practice.



Dance is his life, Mr.Suwa, who has been dancing more than a half century, is their teacher.


Healthy mah-jong

On the same day, in a different room, they were holding a "Healthy mah-jong" class. (The picture is from the slide material of their activities)


Mr. Fukui (on the left) and Mr. Yoshioka

I interviewed the chairman of the club, Mr. Fukui (on the left) and the vice-chairman, Mr. Yoshioka about the establishment and the activities.

"Even we are seniors, we must not shut ourselves in!!" so they established this club and it has now 150 members. About 70 to 80 people attend their monthly meeting (lecture) every time. By the way, the theme of their lecture of the monthly meeting of September was "Hobbies are prevention of growing senile" and "Support to school refusal problem".


Besides this monthly meeting, there are various kinds of activities held here actively.

Handicraft, calligraphy, watching nostalgic movies, enjoying history, Shogi (Japanese chess) and "Igo" (Japanese board game), appreciating nostalgic photographs, personal computer, reading books, Senryu (a seventeen-syllable poem which is often satirical of the times), listening to music, Karaoke, chatting during lunch, healthy mah-jong, table tennis, jack of all debating, dance class and so on.


Ekimae Yorozu (jack of all) cha-ya (tea store)

The base of the club is at "Ekimae Yorozu (jack of all) cha-ya (tea store)" on the 4th floor of Eco Life Plaza Building which is located along the tram rail of in front of Fukui Station.

The vice-chairman of the club, Mr. Yoshioka explained about the policy and the details about their activities by using Power Point skillfully. I will tell you more about it next time.


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