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Mt. Tateyama Journal of our president, part4 --- Traversing the summit through “The road of god”

The road of God

[September 21st to 22nd, 2015, President of Japan System Bank Co., Ltd, Mr. Nosaka went Mt. Tateyama climbing. <The 2nd day> ]

Sep. 22, at 6:40, we left from Raichozawa. Going through his favorite route, “The road of God” to get to Mt. Oyama ( main peak of Mt. Tateyama). This area used to be a part of “Zenjodo (a path for mountain worship)”. Around every August, there are always many different colors of alpine plants here.


Ascent of Oyama peak

The peak of Oyama is almost there. We climbed up on the pile of rocks.


Yari-Hodaka range of peaks from Tateyama

From Oyama peak (3,003m), you can see the symbol of Japanese Apls, Yari-Hodaka range of peaks.


Summit of Oyama peak

There is Mine-honsha shrine which is one of Oyama shrines. Mine-honsha is located on rocks on the peak of Oyama. We did not pray there this time and we went ahead.


Mt. Tsurugi-dake from Oyama peak

After passing the shrine, we saw Mt. Tsurugi-dake ahead of the ridge. And we even saw Toyama plain and the Sea of Japan.


Descending Tateyama through Obashiri route

After passing Onanji peak (3,015m) and Fuji-no-oritate peak (2,999m), we walked down to a col before Mt. Masago-dake. And then from there, we went down on the road called “Ohashiri” (great running road) to go back to Raichozawa. We reached there at 12:10.

It was such a beautiful day and we enjoyed the superb view.

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