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Irori, attractive Japanese fireplace / Sobagaki at Senko-no-Ie, Part2

Irori fireplace

The Irori fireplace in Senko-no-Ie is always making a fire. It is not only warming people and making hot water but it also has several other important roles.


Tea and Sobagaki by Irori

Powdered green tea, Maccha made from hot water in the iron kettle hanging over the Irori fireplace.
Sobagaki, which is made of buckwheat flour kneaded with hot water, used to be made easily by the Irori fire place and eaten.


Inside the old house

The pillars and the beams used to look like the natural color of wood. But smoke from the Irori fireplace over a long period made them gleaming black.
The ingredients of the smoke have prevented insect pests and protected this house.


Outside of Senko-no-Ie

From the dignified gable of Senko-no-Ie, there is always smoke coming out.


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