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Sobagaki at Senko-no-Ie


"Sobagaki" ("soba" means buckwheat) is a food simply made of kneaded buckwheat flour and hot water, and it is the oldest food made with buckwheat flour. After the mid-Edo period, until the shape of noodles became as they look now, sobagaki was used to be eaten by many people.


At an old house "Senko-no-Ie" (the residence of Tsubokawa’s) in Takeda area, Sakai city, Fukui prefecture, you can have sobagaki here which you do not see one so often these days. Charlotte, from Australia who likes buckwheat noodles visited here.

If you would like to have "Sobagaki", you need to make a reservation.
Please call at Senko-no-Ie 0776-67-2111


Charlotte and Sobagaki

"Sobagaki" homemade by the 32nd head of the Tsubokawa family (reservation is needed).

You can enjoy it with three condiments which are Soysauce and Wasabi, soybean powder, and brown sugar syrup.



Autumn leaves and Senko-no-Ie

Autumn leaves and "Senko-no-Ie".

From the dignified gable, smoke is coming out from the traditional Japanese fireplace as usual.





National important cultural property "Senko-no-Ie"

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