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Mt.Tateyama Journal of our president, part3 ( September 21st, 2015 Mt. Tateyama glowed with the sunset )

The view from Raichozawa camp site

[September 21st to 22nd, 2015, President of Japan System Bank Co., Ltd, Mr. Nosaka went Mt. Tateyama climbing. <The 1st day> ]

The view from Raichozawa camp site, Mt. Tateyama’s peak glowed with the sunset.
I must stop and cannot help watching the beautiful view.


At Raichozawa camp site

At Raichozawa camp site, we are about to prepare our dinner. Even when hiking with his family, he cooks. Many days beforehand, he prepares everything perfectly for a hiking.





Our president is cooking one of his specialties, hot Jjigae pot.
The best dish for a night when it is getting colder at a mountain.

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