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Mt. Tateyama Journal of our president, part2 (September 21st, 2015 Raichozawa ~ Okudainichi)

On our way to Mt. Okudainichi-dake, there was a dynamic view there.
On the right side of the picture, in the area where so much steam is coming out was Jigokudani.


[September 21st to 22nd, 2015, President of Japan System Bank Co., Ltd, Mr. Nosaka went Mt. Tateyama climbing. <The 1st day> ]

It was almost 3:30 in the afternoon as we finished setting up our tents. It was already getting late but as we planed we left from Raichozawa and went up to the front of Mt. Okudainichi-dake.


As we kept walking and reached to the line of a mountain ridge, there was powerful caldera area.

While we were climbing,, it was cloudy and there was condense fog over the north (right of travelling direction). Before long, sun started appearing between the clouds and we got to see the powerful Mt. Tsurugi-dake.




We walked on the line of a mountain ridge where it was decorated with autumn leaves.








We went back to Mt. Raichozawa while looking at Mt. Tsurugi-dake on the left.

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