Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui


The way to J-League from Fukui:Challenge by Saurcos Fukui

Saurcos Soccer School

Practice at Saurcos Soccer School starts with greetings together. The students should have a grateful heart, respect others and parents. At the school, before playing soccer, courtesy and manners are valued as a place for human education.


the team coach SanoInterviewed with the team coach Sano about their long-cherished desire, promotion to J-League, why they aim and what it will bring.






defender KameiThe players in Saurcos spend extremely busy days, because they have to work and practice on weekdays and play in games on weekends. Interviewed with defender Kamei as a representative of all players.




players and supporters share the victoryThe players and supporters share the victory after the game against Artista Tomi on Sep. 13th. One week later, Saurcos won another game and won Hokushinetsu League 1st division.