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Mt.Tateyama Journal of our president, part1 (September 21st, 2015 Murodo ~ Raichozawa)

Main peak of Mt. Tateyama seen from Murodo

You can see Mt. Tateyama from Murodo terminal.
A building on the summit of Mt. Oyama which is the main peak in the range of Mt. Tateyama was visible through the broken mist.


From September 21st to 22nd, this year, I accompanied our president of Japan System Bank Co., Ltd, Mr. Nosaka to Mt. Tateyama. Although we arrived at the starting point of the Alpine route at 8:30 in the morning, the ropeway area was packed because of the “silver week” (national holiday week in Japan). Taking more than 4 hours, we finally arrived at Murodo and it was already passed 13:00. Because of this delay, we arrived at the Raichozawa camp site at 14:30.


Setting up tents and so on takes time and it was already too late for us to do anything else. Therefore, we made our schedule shorter for a round trip to Okudainich-dake. We changed it to returning before reaching the peak of Okudainichi-dake, instead of reaching the peak completely. Please enjoy watching our trip from the beginning to the camp site.


Next time, you will watch our climbing to Okudainichi area. We got to see the powerful Mt. Tsurugi-dake through the broken mist.


Mikuriga-ike pond

On our way from Murodo to Raichouzawa, we walked by Mikuriga-ike pond.
There were many climbers and tourists there.


The below picture is the view toward Mt. Bessan which we saw on our way.
The spectacular scene can only be seen at special places like Mt. Tateyama.



Mt. Bessan


As soon as we arrived at the camp site, we set up our tents. Green one is Mr. Nosaka’s, and the blue one in the front is a Gen Japan staff’s

Because it was silver week (national holiday week in Japan), there were more tents than usual.



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