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Visiting Lu Xun’s mentor, Fujino Genkuro: Fukui Prefecture



Visiting Lu Xun’s mentor, Fujino Genkuro: Fukui Prefecture

A national hero in China, and a famous writer in Japan, Lu Xun. The person whom Lu Xun adored as his mentor through life was Fujino Genkuro. Lu Xun met him during his studying abroad in Japan. Fujino was an anatomy professor from Sakai, Tsuruga prefecture (Tsuruga is now Awara city in Fukui prefecture).


Zhou Shuren (23 yrs. Old. He became Lu Xun later)

In 1904, Zhou Shuren (23 yrs. Old. He became Lu Xun later) entered Sendai medical college (now Touhouku University, Faculty of Medicine) as a foreign student at government expense. He wanted to study new medicine and change China into a whole new country.

Fujino always looked after Zhou Shuren who did not have any friends from his country.


Fujino Genkuro

Zhou Shuren was studying seriously but one day, he acknowledged how devastated Chinese people were at that time. And then he decided to change his career from medicine to literature to help the minds of Chinese people. When Fujino was told that Zhou Shuren was leaving the school he felt very disappointed. Even though Fujino was not happy with his decision, he invited Zhou Shuren to Fujino’s house for his farewell dinner. Fujino gave him a photograph of himself and told him to stay in touch.


After returning to China, Zhou Shuren released “A Madman’s Diary” in the magazine, “La Jeunesse” (New Youth: Shin Seinenn in Japanese), using the penname, Lu Xun. And after that, he actively kept writing. However, he never wrote any letters and/or sent any photographs to Fujino.


In 1934, Lu Xun acceded to the offer for publishing his works in Japan under/with one condition which was to release the autobiographical novel, “Professor Fujino”. Lu Xun thought that if his novels were published, he could talk to Fujino again. Even after many years passed by, Lu Xun’s wished to meet Fujino again, this wish was never changed. However, he became ill and his wish never came true. In 1936, he passed away at the age of 55.


Reluctant parting monument of Fujino

Lu Xun, he was always hoping to meet his lifetime metor, Fujino. To make Lu Xun’s wish come true, a repoter, Qian Jing (Hanghou Television) will visit Fujino’s home town, Fukui prefecture.




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