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Let's go to see the Liverworts! Saruyama 332m (Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture) Loop route from Fukami District

We went to Mt. Saruyama (332m) in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture, which is famous for colonies of liverworts. It was blessed with good weather on this day, and we could enjoy not only the liverworts in full bloom, but also various flowers of wild grasses and the sounds of wild birds. It is a wonderful walking course that is well maintained by the local people. (March 26)


A parking lot in the Fukami district along the sea. The tiled roofs and the wooden walls of the houses around here are also nice.


A walk map is handed to one who paid the environment protection cooperation fee of 300 yen (1 person) when entering the mountain. Signs corresponding to the symbols on this map are installed on the course.


A liverworts colony around point I on the map above. There are many pink flowers around here, but most of the group G near the Saruyama Cape parking lot is white. This may be because many brightly colored flowers, such as pink or red, were stolen.


The turn-around point of the loop course on this day, Shabasute pass. From here, return to Fukami via the Cape Saruyama Lighthouse.


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