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Fukui is the top consumer of deep fried bean curd | Deep fried bean curd of Taniguchiya


Food Culture


People in Fukui City pay money for deep fried bean curd the most in Japan. When we talk about Fukui's food culture, we can't leave out the deep fried bean curd. This video is from YouTube channel of Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation, which shows a branch shop of Taniguchiya, a long-established shop of deep fried bean curd.


Combination meal of deep fried bean curd at Taniguchiya


Generally, deep fried bean curd refers to thin one but in Fukui, it refers to thick one. True Pure land sect of Buddhism is popular in Fukui, and people have served boiled deep fried bean curd when memorial services are held. Now grilled deep fried bean curd is a standard item at izakayas in Fukui. It is served with soy sauce and grated radish.


The branch shop of the Taniguchiya is on the second floor of "Echizen Bamboo Doll Village". Please enjoy delicious deep fried bean curd with bamboo dolls that are Fukui's traditional craft.


For your information, "Deep fried bean curd festival" will be held in Happi-terrace in front of Fukui Station on November 23rd and 24th, 2019. Of course, the Taniguchiya is going to open a food stall in the festival. You can compare various deep fried bean curd and enjoy desserts and curry there. There will be a live concert, too.

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