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Owara Kaze-no-Bon Festival(2019)in Toyama Prefecture | Dance in Higashi-machi


Traditional Events

Owara-Kaze-no-Bon Festival is held from September 1st to 3rd every year in Yatsuo, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture. This video shows a dance in Higashi-machi. (The video was taken on September 1st, 2019)


The Owara-Kaze-no-Bon Festival is held in eleven towns: Higashishin-machi, Nishishin-machi, Suwa-machi, Kamishin-machi, Kagami-machi, Higashi-machi, Nishi-machi, Ima-machi, Shimoshin-machi, Tenma-machi and Fukujima, where is located on the other side of the Ida River. Each town organizes "Toyama Prefecture's folk song, Ecchu Yatsuo Owara Preservation Society." The festival dance is scheduled from town to town.


The Higashi-machi is one of the oldest towns, where it is said that large shops were lined along the street. The different colored kimono unlike other towns recalls the sophisticated taste of rich masters in the old times. Also, Toyoji Ejiri, who was a great singer of Owara, and Junji Kawasaki, who was called as the restorer of Ecchu Owara, came out of the town. So the town fostered the artistic quality of Owara.


An elegant town hose in Yatsuo


The flower arrangement at the front door makes me feel the season.


[Owara Kaze-no-Bon Q&A] (Part 1)
Q: I am going to see the Kaze-no-Bon for the first time. How should I see it?
A: There are mainly two ways to see: Seeing the dances in the theater or in each town. For first-time visitors, we recommend seeing in the paid theater (
Yatsuo Elementary School) .
(From the guide map of Owara-Kaze-no-Bon)

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