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Kouchigawa Dam|Dams in Fukui viewed from drone 


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Name: Kouchigawa Dam
Location: Kumagawa, Wakasa Town, Mikata-Kaminaka County, Fukui Prefecture
The name of the river: Kouchi River-Kita River System
Type: Concrete gravity dam
Gate: Gateless (overflow dam)
Administrator: Fukui Prefecture
Year of completion: 2019
Shooting day: July 31st, 2019


A full view of the Kouchigawa Dam viewed from the downstream
Other facilities around the dam including the place located just below the dam body to see
the downstream are still under construction.


The area in the Kita River System, which the Kouchi River running in Wakasa Town belongs to, they have often suffered from flood damages and droughts. So the prefecture made a plan to build the Kouchigawa Dam as a flood control facility of the Kita River System and it was only just completed in June 2019. The dam has good accessibility as it is located along the Prefectural Road Kouchi- Kumagawa Line, and also it is close to Kumagawa-juku, where is developing as a sightseeing spot.


The overflow emergency spillway and regular one (the center)


The view from the upstream


Kumagawa-juku's character "Kumakawa-san" on the manhole cover at the top of the dam. (It does not appear in the video.)


The hotel by the dam lake "Refreste Yamabiko" serves Kouchigawa Dam Curry. (It does not appear in the video.)


Dam Card

Dam Card (front) Ver.1.0 (2019.06)


They distribute the Dam Card at the monitor facility (along the Prefectural Road Kouchi-Kumagawa Line) on the left bank.


Dam Card (back)



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