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Hiking in the mountains in Fukui-Wakasa Fuji: Mt. Aoba (Takahama Town, Fukui Prefecture)693m-

I climbed the Mt. Aoba for the first time in two years. The triangular shape viewed from the east side of the mountain is particularly impressive. That's why it is called "Wakasa Fuji". And in fact, the mountain has two peaks of east and west, and on the ridge line connected the east peak and the west one, climbers can experience thrills on the trail path with a ladder and a rope. A friend of mine who climbed together seemed to fully enjoy herself the varied trail.


We entered the mountain from the entrance of Nakayama. There were volcanic rocks on the side of the trail in the forest.


Umanose (rocky area) in front of the east peak. I felt a little scary as it was so high.


The traverse from the Est Pak to the West Peak is short but made me feel tense.


The Daishido Cave in front of the West Peak. It is said that Taicho Daishi did ascetic practice 1,300 years ago there.


The West Peak is top of the large rock behind the shrine. The Sea of Japan spreads out below.


*”Hiking in the mountains in Fukui” is a project in which hikers go hiking in the mountains in Fukui Prefecture along the information in a publication of a group of walking in the mountains in Fukui, “Why don’t you go hiking in the mountains in Fukui?”.
I went hiking in Mt. Iwagomori along with information in the 2014 edition.

a book called why don't you go hking in the mountains in Fukui?
Publication of the group of walking in the mountains in Fukui, “Why don’t you go hiking in the mountains in Fukui?”
The left publication is 1992 edition.
The right one is 2014 edition (the latest one).

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