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Hiking in the mountains in Fukui | One of 300 top mountains in Japan: Mt. Kyogatake (1625.2 meters high), Ono City, Fukui Prefecture

I climbed the Mt. Kyogatake (1625.2 m) in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture, on May 11th, 2019. This time, I drove the wide major forest road Hoonji Line from Ono City, parked in the Choshigaguchi observation space, and I chose Mt. Hozuki course and made a round trip, which is the shortest route.


Mt. Kyogatake is a volcano that made the Rokuroshi highlands by a volcanic eruption long ago. The shape of the mountain viewed from Ono City is very characteristic. While climbing, there are steep slopes, rough ridgeways and the pleasant grassy ridge lines that are full of variety. Also, the mountain has so many attractions of climbing such as fantastic views, various animals and plants.


Here is the Choshigaguchi observation space on the wide major forest road Hoonji Line. There is a parking space.The trail entrance of the Mt. Hozuki course is located about 30 meters from here.


The ladder is the feature of the Mt. Kyogatake, which is not so steep.


Ike-no-Osawa, which is the former volcano's crater of Mt. Kyogatake, which made the Rokuroshi highlands by a volcanic eruption.


The ridge line near the top. The mountain surface has been collapsing to the edge of the trail.


Katakuri flowers grown in clusters on the top.


The top of the Mt. Kyogatake and Mt. Hakusan captured by a drone Mavic Pro I brought with me.

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