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Traditional event of the fire company in Katsuyama City "Hashiriyanko"


Traditional Events

The "Hashiriyanko" is a traditional event that the 12 units of the fire company in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture, relay "Matoi", which was used by civil firemen in the Edo Period. The "Hashiriyanko" was designated as an intangible local cultural asset of Katsuyama City, which is held on April 13th every year. The video is about last year's one. (The video is from the pdnwg 569 YouTube channel)



Its hardest part is a relaying point that there is a height difference in about five meters near Nagayama Park. They throw the "Matoi" up with all their strength at the members who are waiting on the higher relay point. If they could not pass the "Matoi", the next runners cannot start running. The "Matoi" is 1.5 meters long and weighs 2.75 kilograms, so it is hard to throw it up.


Some members played trumpets and the sound boosted the morale of the runners.


[History of Hashiriyanko]
In 1855, Nagamori Ogasawara, the lord of Katsuyama domain, orederd Kaizo Hayashi, the chief retainer, to build a martial arts gym. Therefore, Hayashi organized five colored fire companies to reclaim land and completed it by their hard work night and day. (Current Nagayama Park)


As time past, the "Matoi" relay is held in order to pass down the great achievement, boost the morale and develop their physical strength on April 13th (the day of spring fire drill) every year.


They run the 15 legs, 2.6 kilometers. Now they have six teams and run in two races separately. The event was designated as an intangible local cultural asset of Katsuyama City in April, 1981. It has been handed down as a good old tradition and become a cornerstone of the safety of citizens. (From the official website of Katsuyama City)

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