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Arigato Project 2017


Sake Breweries

The "Arigato Project" was established in May of 2013 by authorized dealers of Kokuryu sake brewery. They started this project hoping for the participants to learn the importance of bonding with others and the charms of Fukui.


They learned to bond with others by planting and harvesting rice themselves to make sake, and by observing how to make sake and seeing fireflies, they saw the charms of Fukui. They had all these experiences in the course of one year.


This is the video of the Arigato Project 2017. It was the fifth one and the last one.


Rice planting experience at Kokuryu's experimental rice fields in Adoso-jitoho, Ono City, Fukui Prefecture on May 3rd, 2017


4 months after planting the rice, they harvested it on August 27th, 2018.


The merit awards and the bottles of "Arigato no Sake (Adoso)" were handed to the participants on May 27th, 2018.


To celebrate the 5th year of the Arigato Project, some of the participants from 2013 to 2016 also attended the party.


Special thanks to:
Authorized dealers of Kokuryu
Juridical Agricultural Union
Kokuryu Sake Brewing Corporation
The Former participants of Arigato projects (2013~2016)
The participants of Arigato project 2017


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