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"Throwing rice dumplings" held at Awashima Shrine, Fukui City to wish for a perfect state of health


Traditional Events

They had the traditional event "Throwing rice dumplings", which has been held since over 400 years ago, on February 9th as usual. The video by Fukui Shimbun (newspaper) shows the event previously held.


In the Muromachi Period, an epidemic spread in the district and they offered rice to the shrine and it ended. To express people's gratitude, they threw rice dumplings. It is said that this is the origin of the event.


They prepared rice dumplings shaped dice, too.


People who gathered to wish for a perfect state of health cried and reached for the rice dumplings, mikans (mandarin oranges) and snacks thrown.


At the end of the event, they had a scramble to get the straw rice bag, which was a quite hard fighting.

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