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Talk and singing live by a Buddhist monk Part 3: I am angry, held on December 15th, 2018




The assistant chief priest of Zendoji Temple of Jodo sect, Tetsuji Daimon calls himself a "Singing monk" and holds Buddhist sermons with singing to tell people Buddhism friendly. Here is a video from the "Talk and singing live by a Buddhist monk" held at Kuma Cafe in Echizen Town, Nyu County, Fukui Prefecture on December 15th, 2018.


Part 3
He talked that there is a favor from ancestors and Gods that support your peaceful life that nothing happens. After that, he sang his original song called "I am angry", which he wrote for children. The lyrics describe that who throw away trashes selfishly and who let food go to waste.


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Part 3 I am angry
Part 4 Dying message (My last words)
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