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Talk and singing live by a Buddhist monk Part 1: Theme song of a singing monk, held on December 15th, 2018



The assistant chief priest of Zendoji Temple of Jodo sect, Tetsuji Daimon calls himself a "Singing monk" and holds Buddhist sermons with singing to tell people Buddhism friendly. Here is a video from the "Talk and singing live by a Buddhist monk" held at Kuma Cafe in Echizen Town, Nyu County, Fukui Prefecture on December 15th, 2018.


Part 1
First, he talked that plowing the field in your mind not to grow weeds is Buddhism. And he sang his original song called "Theme song of a singing monk", in which he would teach true happiness so that you can leave without regrets when you die.


"Singing monk", Daimon in a Buddhist stole with a guitar


Part 1 Theme song of a singing monk
Part 2 Supporters from souls
Part 3 I am angry
Part 4 Dying message (My last words)
Part 5 Grandma's back

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