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Hiking in the mountains in Fukui -Mt. Nogo-Hakusan-

Around the summit of Mt. Nogo-Hakusan


I put a small drone, MAVIC PRO in my backpack and went hiking in Mt. Nogo-Hakusan, which stands between Fukui and Gifu Prefecture.


Mt. Nogo-Hakusan was nearly chosen as one of the mountains of "Japan's one hundred top mountains." Kyuya Fukada, who was a Japanese writer and famous mountaineer active during the Showa period in Japan had hard time choosing between Mt. Arashimadake and Mt. Nogo-Hakusan for his book "Nihon Hyakumeizan" (Japan's one hundred top mountatins). As a result of it, he chose Mt. Arashimadake. Mt. Nogo-Hakusan was chosen as one of the mountains of "Japan's two hundred top mountains" by "Fukada Club", a fan club of Kyuya Fukada.


I took the national route 157 and it is known as a hard one. After passing through Kumanoko tunnel, the easy two-lane road from Ono City becomes one-lane road. Around the road that has the sign says "Nukumi" (a name of an area in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture), the one lane road becomes narrow. The narrow road along the cliffs without guardrails continues. It's intense to drive on this road. I was a bit nervous driving around this area. Nukumi Pass is wide, so cars can be parked and there's a starting point of the hiking course near there.


Hakusan Shrine of Okuno-in (the inner shrine)
The 21st typhoon that occurred in September of 2018 destroyed the shrine.
There are only stones piled up there now.


*”Hiking in the mountains in Fukui” is a project in which hikers go hiking in the mountains in Fukui Prefecture along the information in a publication of a group of walking in the mountains in Fukui, “Why don’t you go hiking in the mountains in Fukui?”.
I went hiking in Mt. Nogo-Hakusan along with information in the 2014 edition.

a book called why don't you go hking in the mountains in Fukui?
Publication of the group of walking in the mountains in Fukui, “Why don’t you go hiking in the mountains in Fukui?”
The left publication is 1992 edition.
The right one is 2014 edition (the latest one).

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