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"Echizen-gaki persimmon", the specialty of Awara City in Fukui Prefecture

persimmon farm
people were harvesting persimmons at a persimmon farm

This is a video of a large persimmon farm in Awara City, Fukui Prefecture. In Awara, there are farm roads. The sceneries and atmosphere around the area are peaceful, beautiful and very relaxing.



It was the persimmon harvesting season when I visited there. Luckily, I saw some people harvesting and I interviewed them. One of the farmers said that their goal is to harvest 10,000 persimmons! They carefully harvest and put each one gently into boxes for shipping.



echizen gaki persimmon

The persimmons in this video are called "Echizen-gaki persimmon" which have crunchy texture, and they're very sweet. They are popular in Fukui Prefecture and many areas in Japan as well.



echizen gaki which were sold at a supermarket in Fukui City

I saw the "Echizen-gaki persimmon" at a supermarket in Fukui City the other day.
They might be the ones that were harvested by the farmers I interviewed in Awara.

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