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Washi Dam | Dams in Fukui viewed from drone 


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Name: Washi Dam
Location: Ono City, Fukui Prefecture
The name of river: Kuzuryu River-Kuzuryu River System
Type: Gravity arch dam
Gate: Five radial gates
Administrator: J-POWER
Year of completion: 1968
Shooting day: October 26th, 2018


Washi Dam viewed from the upstream


Heading off for Kuzuryu Dam from Ono City, passing a roadside facility "Kuzuryu", a moving dinosaur robot serves as a landmark, and soon you will see the Washi Dam ahead. The dam height is 45 meters, not so high, downstream opens out, so I didn't feel coercive pressure. It is a gravity arch dam that is rare in Japan, which has beautiful five radial gates in the center of the crest and the simple curve of the upper surface with no protruded parts are beautiful. A certain amount of the impounded water is pumped up to Kuzuryu Dam upstream at night, and the rest is sent to Yugami Power Plant and it is discharged into the downstream of the Kuzuryu River.


The upper surface is simple, which has no protruded parts. However, the upper surface is a restricted area.


The downstream side of the dam body. The valve for a small-scale discharge can be seen in the foreground. 


Full view of the Washi Dam. There is the Kuzuryu Dam a little upstream.                          


Dam Card

They distribute the Dam Card at Kuzuryu Power Plant of Electric Power Development Co., Ltd., where is directly under the Kuzuryu Dam.


Dam Card (front) Ver.1.0 (2012.01)
The building can be seen right below the dam exists no longer because it was demolished this year.


Dam Card (back)


“Dams in Fukui viewed from drone” is a project that introduces dams in Fukui Prefecture through videos with concept of “Moving dam cards”.


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