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[FURUSATO GUJO TV] Ayu fishing by live decoys

Here is the video "Ayu fishing by live decoys", which was created by Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture.


Caught ayu are put into a net


Ayu (sweetfish) has been deeply concerned with Japanese culture for a long time. Ayu is edible fish. Its flesh has a distinctive sweet flavour with melon or cucumber aromas. It is consequently highly prized as food fish. Ayu caught in Gujo City is called Gujo ayu. And it won the first prize in the Seiryuu Meguri Kikiayu Taikai, a countrywide ayu competition. The main methods for catching ayu are by means of fly fishing, by using a trap, and by fishing with a decoy which is known as ayu-no-tomozuri in Japan. The decoy is a living ayu placed on a hook, which swims when immersed into water. It provokes the territorial behavior of the wild ayu. When the wild ayu assaults the decoy/intruder, it get caught. There are many big fans of ayu fishing in Japan. Gujo City is the place which has the crystal-clear rivers for ayu fishing.


For details, please call Gujo Fisheries Cooperative Association.
TEL: +81-(0)575-65-2562


Fishing in a clear river


*The video is reprinted with permission from Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture.

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