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Lecture and guitar concert of Masaaki Kimura (Kimuyan) [Part 2] by Taketoyo Town’s sign language circle “Sazanka Tomo no Kai”


Lecture meeting

The guitarist "Kimuyan", who is familiar on GEN as well, tells about how he met music, his activities until now, music for a deaf person and thoughts about
sign language. (Sign language interpreting by Sazanka Tomo no Kai)


Kimuyan giving lecture using fluent sign language

Kimuyan gives lecture with body language and expressive facial signals.


Kimuyan plays Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi's Kanpai, cheers

At the end of the lecture, Kimuyan played Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi’s “Kanpai (Cheers)” which has become representative of his performance.


[Outline of Part 2]

*From the slides Kimuyan used

There are deaf people who don’t like music.
Having different purposes of singing in sign language
-Just to remember words for sign language
-Willing to sing the song to the deaf persons (without understanding the meaning of the song)
-Willing to sing the song to the deaf persons (with understanding the meaning of the song)
-Sign language entertainment

What is the ideal of the sign language song?
Making literal translation of Japanese sentences to sign language / Yes or No
Deaf persons prefer to use Japanese sign language. So, is it wrong to use manually coded Japanese?
Auld Lang Syne (Lyrics)
People say all the time that it is a miracle for a deaf person to play the guitar.
Guitar lessons for deal persons
Through playing music, I want to give people messages.
Song title: Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi’s “Kanpai (Cheers)”

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