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Lecture and guitar concert of Masaaki Kimura (Kimuyan) [Part 1] by Taketoyo Town’s sign language circle ‘Sazanka Tomo no Kai’


Lecture meeting

木村正明 講演&ギター演奏会

On November 4th, 2016, the lecture and guitar concert of Masaaki Kimura was held by Taketoyo Town’s sign language circle ‘Sazanka Tomo no Kai’ at the citizen hall in Taketoyo Town, Aichi Prefecture. The guitarist ’Kimuyan’, who is familiar on GEN as well, tells about how he met music, his activities until now, music for a deaf person and thoughts about sign language. (Sign language interpreting by Sazanka Tomo no Kai)


expressive sign language

You will be drawn into Kimuyan’s expressive sign language automatically.


vibrating guitar

There was a session that the audiences could play the ‘vibrating guitar’.


[Outline of Part 1]

*From the slides Kimuyan used

Song title : Heart Beat (by Kotaro Oshio)
He was born in Nagoya and graduated from the prefectural Nagoya school for deaf persons.
Introducing his band and group:
Sign language rock band BRIGHT EYES super-duper
Unique fork duo Kimura Brothers
Instrumental duo by guitar and bass HAKKI
Instrumental unit by shinobue and guitar Hyara Hyara G
Kimuyan’s solo and other support bands
When he became deaf and the reason
Younger days when he didn’t like music
How he became interested in music
He met the guitar for the first time and a setback
Hospitalization, influence of ‘ikaten’ boom, secret story of forming a band
How he plays the guitar
His hearing and the limitation
Radio gymnastics playing
Eye contact
Feel the vibration in body
Live activities of BRIGHT EYES throughout Japan
TV appearance:
“Experience miracles! Unbelievable”
“Love saves the earth. 24 Hour TV”
Let’s see the live image of a sign language rock band, BRIGHT EYES super-duper
Why I play the acoustic guitar:
How I keep rhythm
Found that a vibration shows difference in pitch from the neck
Spend a year and a half to make the vibrating guitar
Feeling and experience
Why I try to play guitar solo
Disadvantages of a guitar
What is guitar solo

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