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[4K・UHD] Oshima Island, Fukui Prefecture


Nature / Scenery

*It is reprinted with permission from inoue1024, who has uploaded a lot of beautiful landscape videos mostly in Toyama Prefecture.

The Oshima Island is located in Mikuni Town, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture. Although it is a tiny island measuring 2 km in circumference, as the whole island has been a sacred area since early times, the various broad-leaf trees remain in condition close to old growth forest. Inoue 1024 created a beautiful 4K video of the scenery of the Oshima Island.


Walking from Anto fishing port to the Oshima Island


The worship hall of the Ominato-jinja Shrine
The main hall is located at the back of it.


Walking through the old growth forest of broad-leaf trees.


Tabular joints of the rocks along the seashore


The Oshima Lighthouse stands on the western slope of the island.

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