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#2 Mt. Monju trail running seminar for beginners, October 8th, 2017

Video production : TAKE02901
The text and subtitles : GENJAPAN.COM

*It is reprinted with permission from "RunTuber" TAKE02901, who has uploaded a lot of videos about trail run and marathon mostly in Fukui Prefecture.

Mr. Yohei Tanihashi held the "Trail running seminar for beginners Vol. 3" in Mt. Monju, which is a 365 meter-high mountain located on the border between Fukui City and Sabae City, in Fukui Prefecture. TAKE02901 participated in the seminar and reported on its the latter part.


The course starts from Futagami trail entrance of Mt .Monju through the top, the inner shrine, Mt. Hashidate and turns back at Sakashozu trail entrance. The total distance is 12.6 kilometers and the cumulative altitude is 1,000 meters.


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The second time I arrived at the top of Mt. Monju that day. More people were there.

*The main hall's roof was broken by the typhoon No.21, which approached Fukui on October 23rd, and fund-raising activities for its reconstruction are carrying out.


The participants are getting used to descending and are running cheerfully.

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