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[4K・UHD] Ryusougataki Falls in Ikeda Town, Imadate County, Fukui Prefecture


Nature / Scenery

*It is reprinted with permission from inoue1024, who has uploaded a lot of beautiful landscape videos mostly in Toyama Prefecture.

The Ryusougataki Falls in Ikeda Town, Imadate County, Fukui Prefecture, was chosen as one of the best 100 falls in Japan, which is the only one in Fukui Prefecture. The fall’s drop is 60 meters. It has a gentle atmosphere because the water flows down like strings on the rock surface, unlike the common image of falls that makes a roaring sound.


Inoune 1024 created a beautiful 4K video of the Ryusougataki Falls, which the contrast between fresh green and the falling water looks cool. When you come to Tree Picnic Adventure IKEDA, please make a little side trip to the Ryusougataki Falls.


Ryusougataki Falls
The water falls down on the rock surface surrounded by fresh green.


Ryusougataki Falls
The basin is very shallow and you can walk to just under the falls.


A grey wagtail at Ryusougataki Falls
A grey wagtail came.

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