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#2 Asakura trail - trail running seminar for beginners Vol. 5

Video production : TAKE02901
The text and subtitles : GENJAPAN.COM

*It is reprinted with permission from "RunTuber" TAKE02901, who has uploaded a lot of videos about trail run and marathon mostly in Fukui Prefecture.


TAKE02901 participated in “Asakura trail – trail running seminar for beginners Vol.5" , which was held on “Asakura trail run" course and Fukui's trail runner Mr. Yohei Tanihashi participated as an instructor. TAKE02901 could run on the trail with snow and autumn leaves. This is the second part.


They are taught how to descend a steep slope.


They learned manners of mountains.


After the halfway point, now they climb the very steep slope which they had trouble descending in the first half.


They have arrived at the goal, Asakura Clan Ruins.


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