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“Memories” from Takefu Commercial High School Wind Band, the 14th regular concert



Here is the video of “Memories” played after the 13th song (the fourth one of the third part) “Destiny” in the program on April 1st from the 14th regular concert of Takefu Commercial High School Wind Band held at Echizen City Cultural Center’s main hall on April 1st(Sat) and 2nd(Sun), 2017.


They invited a senior of Takefu Commercial High School Band, Maki Otsuki.
She finished the stage with her debut song “Memories” for an encore.
“Memories” is her debut song released in 1999, which was the ending theme
of a TV animation “ONE PIECE”.


Maki Otsuki sings Memories
Maki Otsuki sings the song she cherishes in front of her juniors.

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