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[Snow mountain] [Mt. Ochisan] #1 Trail running seminar for beginners Vol.6

Video production : TAKE02901
The text and subtitles : GENJAPAN.COM

*It is reprinted with permission from "RunTuber" TAKE02901, who has uploaded a lot of videos about trail run and marathon mostly in Fukui Prefecture.

Mt. Ochisan is a 612.8 meter-high mountain which is located on the border between Fukui City and Echizen Town. It is a popular mountain and there is Ochi Shrine, where is believed that Taicho Daishi opened as a place of ascetic practice, on its top. On December 17th, 2017, TAKE02901 participated in “Trail running seminar for beginners Vol.6” (Instructor : Yohei Tanihashi) held in snowy Mt. Ochisan.


Looking at this photo, it doesn’t look like running. It’s like winter mountain-climbing.


But his shoes are for trail running. He wears gaiters to keep out snow. Many other members wear climbing shoes.


A participant is running comfortably on the snowy trail.


They experienced “russell” at around the ninth station


High five at the top of the mountain!

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