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Graffiti of Swing | Takefu Commercial High School Wind Band Clarinet Quartet - January 14th, 2017



clarinet quartet


Here is the video of Takefu Commercial High School Wind Band Clarinet Quartet in the 37th Tannan district wind-instrument music ensemble contest held at Imadate Art Hall in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture on January 14th, 2017.


The song is called a practice piece for transcendent techniques, No.5 “Graffiti of Swing” for clarinet quartet, which was composed by Yuichi Abe. Just looking at the title makes me think that it is a difficult one. The clarinet quartet played dynamically. Wind-instrurment music has a big range because they play funky songs that made Takefu Commercial High School famous, serious classical music, contemporary music and such a song that incorporates jazz.


Here is the composer’s comment from the website of a score shop Brain Online Shop.

"Graffiti of Swing" means graffiti that swing drew. I composed like graffiti with a brush called “swing” in the image of Manhattan, New York and the various bright and dark sides in the metropolis such as different races, skyscrapers, arts, music and depression of people.

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