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[Village forest trail running] Mt. Somayama trail running in Minami-Echizen Town, Fukui Prefecture

Video production : TAKE02901
The text and subtitles : GENJAPAN.COM

*It is reprinted with permission from "RunTuber" TAKE02901, who has uploaded a lot of videos about trail run and marathon mostly in Fukui Prefecture.

"Soma" means silviculture workers today. A long time ago, it is said that when they recruited loggers and laborers to restore a castle once existed on this mountain, many people gathered and they could restore it early, so the mountain came to be called "Mt. Somayama." The area is officially designated historical site. Although it's only 492 meters high, it has a varied course and a great view. TAKE02901 introduces the Mt. Somayama while running.


Mt. Somayama from Lotus Flower Hot Spring
I entered the mountain from "The third trail entrance", where there are the "Lotus Flower Hot Spring Somayama" and a spacious parking lot.


Mt. Somayama trail
Soon after you entered the mountain, there are steep steps.


Mt. Somayama trail
After I climbed up the steps, a comfortable ridgeway run is waiting for you.


Mt. Somayama trail
Be careful on the rough and rocky ridgeway.


Mt. Somayama trail
After I crossed the rocks with a ladder, I was almost the top.


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