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“ami~gas”, a local shopping idol group – I’m an Idol (Live at Al Plaza Ami on July 29th, 2017)



ami gas performance
They jumped to the end!


“ami~gas” is a local shopping idol group that performs mainly at Al Plaza Ami, the shopping mall in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture. We visited one of their regularly held performances that are held every Saturday at Al Plaza Ami.


*“The ami~gas” group has an interesting theme―shopping!

All of the clothes they wear in their performances can be bought at Al Plaza Ami, which is conveniently the venue for their performances.


5 of the members of ami~gas, Miyuu, Naru, Himari, Yuuri, and Mao performed 4 songs smiling cheerfully on that day.

  1. 1.See You at Al Plaza Ami
  2. 2.Take Me Shopping
  3. 3.Being in Love
  4. 4.I am an Idol


ami gas performance
Shocking bow to their fans!

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