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Canoe Touring Through the Lake, from Lake Kitagata to the Sea of Japan

canoe touring on Lake Kitagata
It feels nice just to be floating on the large lake.


I participated in “Canoe Touring/Traveling Through the Lake/From Lake Kitagata to the Sea of Japan” conducted by Prefectural Awara Youth House in Awara City, Fukui, Prefecture. Because it was a round trip of 14km which is long for canoeing, they recruited the participants who have experienced rowing canoes. Seven people with different experiences participated in the canoe traveling. We had an instructor there to guide us, a lifeboat floating alongside us, and a rescue team there to help us if we needed it, so everybody had a good time.


While we were rowing canoes, we saw some fish jumping near us. The fish were striped mullet.
Since Lake Kitagata is connected to the Sea of Japan, sea water comes into the lake to from a rich ecosystem.


There is a walking trail and a cycling course, so this area has been a spot for sports and leisure activities. According to Wikipedia, people were planning to reclaim Lake Kitagata. I am glad that they didn’t!


There is a court for canoe polo. They often have nationwide tournaments, players’ practices, and workshops for canoe beginners.


Iris Bridge
Looking up at Lake Kitagata’s landmark, “Iris Bridge” from under the bridge. The bridge is dedicated to pedestrians and bicycles.


Migiwajido Park in Yoshizaki area
We had lunch at the turning point, Yoshizaki area looking at the boundary between the Lake Kitagata and the Sea of Japan.


When searching prefectural “Awara Youth House” in Awara City on your car navigation system, you need to put the information of “Lake Kitagata Park” as your destination. If you put the information of “Awara Youth House” in Aawara City, it will take you to its previous address which is now closed.

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