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[Mountain Day] Mt.Monju trail, August 11th, 2017 [Village forest trail]

Video production : TAKE02901
The text and subtitles : GENJAPAN.COM

*It is reprinted with permission from "RunTuber" TAKE02901, who has uploaded a lot of videos about trail run and marathon mostly in Fukui Prefecture.

Mt.Monju which was opened by Taicho-daishi is located on the border between Fukui City and Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture. Although it is only 365 meters high, its appearance is attractive and it offers a panoramic view of the Fukui Plain, so it is familiar as a convenient hiking course and a village forest trail. TAKE02901 introduces the Mt.Monju while running.


The mountain trail is maintained and many hikers visit it.


It is attractive because it offers a panoramic view of Fukui Plain and if it is fine, you will be able to see even Mt.Hakusan.


Even though the trail is maintained, there are irregularities, steep slopes and narrow parts, so the mountain stirs up the spirit of trail runners.


Tainai Kuguri, which is on the way from the Large monju to the inner shrine.


Mt.Monju is a mountain which both hikers and runners can enjoy.


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