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[Recitation Play] Comic story “Long-necked woman” by a recitation play group “Rikka”


Theatrical Play

Here is a recitation play of a comic story “Long-necked woman” by a recitation play group “Rikka” , which is active mainly in Fukui City, held at a welfare center for the elderly in Fukui City on August 22nd, 2017.


Recitation Play Long-necked woman


The program of the day

☆Opening “Pearly Shells “ [Hula Dance]
☆Greeting from Ms. Midori Sasaki, the head of "Rikka"
☆Funny short story “Catching stars by son” [Recitation Play]
☆Folk tale of Fukui “Battle of wits between bride and her mother-in-law” [Recitation Play] 
☆Old story “Diety of poverty and the god of fortune) [Recitation Play]
☆Cheer up, today! “Visiting a girl” [Dance]
☆Let’s try! Abdominal breathing and singing
☆Folk tale of Fukui “Don’t say - stone statue” [Recitation Play]
★Comic story “Long-necked woman” [Recitation Play]
☆Comic story “Dish mansion” [Recitation Play]
☆Finale - All together!


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