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Singing square at Happi-terrace in front of Fukui Station




A music charity event “Musication’s singing square - Let’s get together!” was held at Happi-terrace in front of Fukui Station on Marth 5th, 2017.


There is a group called “PROSPUT”, which has been engaged in volunteer activities through music mainly with local bands and in Nagoya, thinking “We want to create a place of relief where everybody enjoys music.” This event was held with the support of the “PROSPUT” to inform the public of the “Singing square” held every month in Fukui City.


Invitation to Happiness Concert
- Let’s dance, sing, listen and make everyone smile -
The first part - Hula Dance and Tai Chi
The second part - Let’s sing together! Singing square
Musication Oasis - Performance by PROSPUT


The “Singing sqare” is held on the second floor of Bhutan Museum in Fukui City,
every first Saturday. (From 13:45, admission free, without prior application)

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