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Costume players bar “Sugi” |A spot of subculture in Fukui City

I visited the costume players bar “Sugi”, where Mr. Sugi opened in a restaurant district in Fukui City in January this year (2017). He moved to Fukui from Tokyo by himself.
I asked him “Why did you come to Fukui?” and he said “Because I liked here.” :)
The bar’s name has changed to “Sugi & Shumijin(people with hobbies)” since September 6th and restarted as a place of relief for fans of subcultures.


regular animation fan Mr. Koh
Mr. Koh, who is a regular fan of animation and brought a lot of items for the “Love Live Festival” that day.


costume player Ms. Nishi
Ms. Nishi, a costume player and an illustrator.
Appeared in costume of BBM military officer, which is an original character.


costume player Ms. Kikyo
Ms.Kikyo (Japanese bellflower)
Appeared in costume of a dark sorcerer, Shezo Wiguii.
She has been a costume player for three years.

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