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Spring in Hakusan Winery Part2- Grapevine planting experience and making smoked food over grapevine chips On May 3rd, 2017


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Here is about “Grapevine planting experience” held at Hakusan Winery in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture on May 3rd, 2017.


First, participants set out to prepare smoked food for lunch.
Each group builds a barbecue smoker from a cardboard box and a brick.
Grapevines are used as smoking chips.


After the participants were taught how to plant vines,
they prepared their own cuttings and headed to the seed plot.


They make face lotions from sap of grapevines collected only in spring.
When they finished it, smoked food was also ready. It looks delicious.


Hakusan Winery


Music by MUSMUS

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