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Spring in Hakusan Winery Part1- In the vineyards having a view of Mt. Arashima and Mt. Kyogatake


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Wild grape wine tasting
Wild grape wine tasting


“Wild grape wine tasting” by Hakusan Winery was held at Seibu Department Store in Fukui on Saturday, March 25th, 2017.
Hakusan Winery is the only winery in Fukui Prefecture.
They produce characteristic wine from wild grapes grow in the local mountains and their hybrids. They started work for spring with the melting of the snow this year as well.


Hakusan Winery
Hakusan Winery


Mt.Kyogatake and the vineyards
The vineyards having a view of Mt. Kyogatake. There is Mt. Arashima on the other side.

    *Mt.Arashima doesn't show in the photo.


Hakusan Winery


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