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Loop trip at Mt. Akausagi Part 1 - Enjoying view from a beautiful mountain

I went to Mt. Akausagi(red rabbit), which is on the border between Fukui and Ishikawa Prefectures, on October 18th, 2015, with a group of hikers, many of whom were in their 60s and gathered at a climbing gear shop “Yusanko” in the center of Fukui City. The participants that day were two men and four women. Our destination was the loop trip course which Mitsutani on Ishikawa Prefecture side as the starting and finishing points, and tours Sugi Pass, Mt. Akausagi and Ohara Pass.


As we parked at the side of the road and walked, soon we can see the trail entrance to Sugi Pass. From here, a steep uphill continues in the woods for a while.


Here is an observatory on the way of the course. It is named “Mt.Hakusan Observatory”.


By the way, you keep hearing the sound of a bell in the video, it’s to keep bears away from them. There were traces of bears like the photo above on the way.


We arrived at Sugi Pass less than two hours. There was a decent guidepost.


The course of the day


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